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[I'm going to do just a couple of posts -

Boring Guy. I completely empathize with your anger over the blind guy's reaction. I have witnessed that situation too. My blind friends have told me that this anger derives from people constantly approaching them all in good spirits, but they are touched, even moved in unsafe ways by people who don't realize that blind people know what they are doing? It's a complex issue, because people TRULY WANT TO HELP. But blind people have told me they are coming from the perspective that they have been frightened, annoyed, and put into danger by people with good intensitions. I think the frustration merely comes from the fact that my blind friends have to me people think they are incapable.

In your post (tell me if I'm wrong) I felt that you felt people with cP are unhealthy and not in control of their bodies. CP is a neurological disorder causing different movement. It's not degenerative and not an illness or a disease. I have mild cP and therefore am in "full capability of my body" my body is just different from yours.

People who use wheelchairs tend to want to be called wheelchair users. There look at the wheelchair as something they use, they are not confined nor bound - they don't sleep, eat, watch TV, pee or fuck in the chair (unless that is their kink) Some people need their chair more than others - but a chair is a vehicle.

In the WIKI for disability terms it says this about lame

Lame. An antiquated reference to difficulty walking or moving.
The term has since been adopted into urban slang to generally refer to something or someone as "meaningless" or "without worth."

The word has transformed into meaning "not cool" but derives from a put down to PWD, therefore "not cool"

I hope I have owned some of my own issues. I do tend to think of people with disabilities as more at a disadvantage. I own this. I can be silly making snap judgements on people that are unfair. I own this. Being here has reminded me that everyone is suffering and marginalized in their own way. Thank you.
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