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Default Can bondage be poly?

Hey all, minor recap to those whom I haven't met, my girlfriend of three years and are are just embarking on the concept of polyamory, and other consensual non monogamy. Few nights ago she approached me about her fetish (if it counts as one) about being involved with multiple partners at once sexually. A gangbang to put a blunt point. I'm perfectly ok with this and it actually makes me feel more accepted that she shares the views I do in some capacity already.

Here's where things get kinky. I'm into self bondage and she's expressing more direct interest in traditional BDSM, especially since I disclosed my views on polyamory. My question to the masses is whether or not BDSM can be a healthy mechanic in this situation? We're the sweetest things to each other day to day and the sex is fantastic with our newfound excitement, but I can't help wonder if this would be a healthy environment for poly realtions if the control games of BDSM are present. Thoughts, views?
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