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Hi SchrodingersCat,

I just noticed that you were talking to me in part of your reply, with these words:

Originally Posted by SchrodingersCat View Post
In all fairness, he promised to try, not to do. My interpretation of "I can't promise I will never cheat" would be "I'm pretty much telling you right now, if you try to make me monogamous, I'm going to cheat." I hate cheating as much as the next guy, but upon hearing that assertion, the receiver has a certain level of accountability for sticking around under that condition.
I agree. This was the point I was making to ThunderZag.


I'm very proud of you. Keep in mind no one (not even Abe and K) really know what Abe and K are going to do. The most important part of what you did, in my opinion, is give yourself the experience of standing up for yourself and speaking your mind with good boundaries. That confidence and character building experience will stay with you, regardless of what Abe and K do.
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