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Ha! That was a joke!!! Some people I have met are wickedly smart at forums, and texting. Since, I didn't use a computer until I was 30, I find it nearly impossible to communicate (particularly with strangers) not face to face!

Geeesh lighten up! Hi to your grandson loving radiance!

Boring Guy: I have been critized here for offending people which if FINE. But when you are ABLEIST no one will step up against that.

I want to ask Vix (who I greatly admire) how do you fight for a political group without it sounding like you are making it into us and them? How can I speak out against ableism with sounding like it's a personal offense?

Gala Girl - your advice helped me so much. If you are not a counselor you should be!!

I believe overall that people here are choosing to pick what I said and make what they want of it. Things that I apologized for and tried to explain. I am also finding very little support as a person with a disability or people who are very liberal being aware that that is a civil rights issue.

I don't know why I keep trying: I guess I hope someone here will at least see my side
1. My comment about immaturity was not well put and unfair. I was talking specifically about one person, my husband's girlfriend, and my reservations with her.
2. i never did claim to be an expert on AIDS. I just wanted to point out that HIV is still very dangerous.
3. The healthy issue -I see as ableism not my personal problem.
4, the age thing was a joke about my own non-tech savvyness.
5. Sex parities don't even bother me. I just don't want the in MY life.

Please try to engage what I'm actually saying.
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