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Default I taught my poly bf something =)

My bf who is poly is always trying to get me to meet other people...something I am open to doing but isnt instinctual for me (I have social anxiety which I think is one large cause of this...I have trouble just meeting people.) I explained to him that many people have mono poly relationships. and He asked me "So like the guy is poly and his gfs are mono?" and I told him actually know online there are a few men who are mono who date poly women. He was kind of surprised. I am wondering, how he has been poly for so many years, has read most of the books on polyamory, attends poly meetups ect ect and didnt know that monopoly relationships do in fact exist? I think he was under the impression that two must be poly for the relationship to work out. Yes its a challange, but it seems like it can work out!. I am kind of proud of myself for coming on here and discovering things for myself. (although I read online that polys hate newbs who read everything they can get thier hands on.... ) I find this place super helpful. I like you guys!
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