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Thank you and welcome to my world!I am not dominate nor submissives, my ladies and I are equals.I am Jai. I am a 38yrs old pansexual male. I am 5'8 blonde hair w/ a little gray, blue eyes average build. I have a few tattoos and had many piercings(i let mine close up). I come from a long line of perverts. I have been studying rope art(kinbaku) for about 25yrs. Never smoked anything or done any drugs, only drink occasionally. Born & raised Roman Catholic, after researching many religions, turned Mormon but fell away. Been married to the same wonderful woman(Maia Wonderstone) for 18 yrs in December. We met in Maine through an ex of mine. We met in August and married that Dec. Together we have hitchhiked from ME to CA over a 4 week period. After being homeless for about a year or so, we find out we are about to have our first child. We left CA and stopped in AZ for a bit. After our first was born (Destiny Temptingfire) we went back to being homeless, we didn't like society! Destiny was about a year old when we moved into a place and we found we were going to have our 2nd child(Jenna Sovereignbeat).After moving into a place, we found a companion who lived in our house and bed for many months. Our companion and my wife got pregnant at the same time,(i was a little but her child came out to look like her big black football playing boyfriend...Thank God! Jenna was a few months old and we were back on the road. We went to GA to visit some of Maia’s family. From there to VT to ME to VT again. After an amazing awesome summer in VT, we left heading to GA, as fate would have it we broke down in TN. We stayed here for a few years having people in and out our lives, but it seemed the people were too unstable to handle us. After one of the deployments ended, my wife and I lost our jobs(we were placeholders), we went back to ME for a few more years and Maia went into the Army. After she got hurt and was discharged we came back to TN to help her parents. After being back in TN for a few years we have found others who enjoyed being with us as much as we enjoy being with them. We have a polyamorous relationship with two other wonderful ladies that we love every much. They can handle our unique life and our weirdly, strangely, awesome life we live.My wife and i enjoy traveling a lot so we never stay in one state or place too long. In 19yrs together we have lived in 15 states and mover more than 50 times, before the army.Dislike, ignorant people, stupid loud mouths, know it alls that know nothing, racist and judgmental people.Likes, open minded non judgmental people, travel, rope art, kinbaku, animals, outside, camping, blades(knives/swords), my family, caramel, coffee, dragons, mystical and mythical things,
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