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So, i just noticed a sub-topic which is not exactly the same as what i had in mind at the start of the thread.

Sometimes you try something you think you'll hate, but instead you like it.

Sometimes you try something you think you'll like, but instead you hate it.

(that's the general you, not "you" as in specific people on this forum)

I wanted to take the degree program for "museum studies" when i first started working here, because i'm interested in conservation and preservation and information and all that. Let me tell you - after one and a half classes ( dropped the second one because i (ahem) got sick) i realized no way did i want to spend all day working with these kinds of people - basically know-it-all Art History majors - or any people for that matter - museums are a very people-oriented place to work even if your job is not in constant contact with the public.

I gotta go. My train is at the destination.
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