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Default The begining: Part 1

DISCLAIMER: This is coming from a place of sadness and hurt, so take what you read here with a heavy grain of salt. Remember that these are my words, my impressions, and do not necessarily reflect everything accurately (despite my best efforts I can not detach completely). Not all the details are expressed here. Some things may even be out of order.


Where to start?

Airyn met Chipmunk in a college class (she is in her 20's, we are in our 30"). It started as just hanging out with like minded people from this arts class they were taking. Some times Chipmunk was at these get together and some times not.

One time when the location offered alcohol, Chipmunk told Airyn that she was attracted to me. I do not know the exact wording as I was not at the table at the time. So another get-together was set up with less people from the class. At this restaurant there was also alcohol being consumed. At one point I got up from the table, and Chipmunk told Airyn (in front of my daughter Wolf) that she could kiss me. This got Airyn thinking that Chipmunk may be bisexual and open to a poly situation. in a more private moment he told me what Chipmunk had said, that he felt that she would be open to the type of poly relationship he and I had previously talked about. Then he suggested that I kiss her on the cheek when she came back over to us.

That evening went well. Chipmunk responded as if she was enjoying herself. We didn't make out so much as hug, and share a chaste kiss. Mostly she was hanging all over me. We did a lot of talking about the guy (call him J) she was there to see, and about how that wasn't working out the way she really wanted it to, but she was determined to get some kisses from him before going home. She got what she wanted and not long after we each went home.

This evenings events sparked some interesting conversations about poly, about the possibility. Airyn has known about my interest in women for many many years. He has hooked me up with online only GF's in the past, and has often offered me advice on picking up women I'm interested in. In part he wants this for me to experience a woman. Being married, with a kid I have always been unsure how to actually go about making bisexual girlfriends. It's been somewhat isolating. I go through periods of just ignoring my interest, and then others where I indulge (at least in visuals, and fantasies). So Airyn and I talk. It still seems like a fantasy to me, but we decide to hang out with her more and see what develops. Another group restaurant outing later, and we are talking about dinner at our place. I'm not sure who's idea it was now ours, Airyns, or Chipmunks. Either way it became the norm for us to plan "dinner dates" at home. Making themed meals/events. Like our New Orleans night: Gumbo, a red wine, Jazz, and French music. She and I were even planning to get dressed up for the evening. Well that date got canceled by her mother. That's when we find out what her living situation is really like.

So we attempt to reschedule our New Orleans night, several times. What it boils down to. We are able to meet up about once or twice a month with a week to two weeks of planning. The "dates" are only going to have about 5 hours before she has to be home. For us (Airyn and myself) this is depressing. For Chipmunk this is normal, but something that she really doesn't like, and complains to us about. So Chipmunk is coming over to our place here and there for dinner, and movies. She and I do some heavy flirty, and kissing/making out. We (Airyn and I) talk to Chipmunk about polyamory, and send her a link to a poly-positive article to see what she thinks. NRE has me telling her what I see as an ending. She seems receptive, but hesitant. Eventually telling me that she is unsure of Airyn. She and I discuss the possibility of a relationship working out between them if they have more time to get to know each other. That we'd like the opportunity to really date her as a couple. She agrees to this, saying that Airyn is in "the friend box" because of him being married. Airyn and I discuss this issue, and he feels that given time to date that they may find they have chemistry together. We also discuss the marriage issue and how in the future we should introduce ourselves as partners versus married. That the piece of paper that tells the world we are married has no baring on how we feel about each other. As a matter of fact I have told people (and so has Airyn) the were were "married" the day we met.

Typically we set up "dates" during the weekend it's usually the easiest with every ones schedule. But about a week after the above conversation Chipmunk calls me up and asks if we have plans for the day (a Wednesday). As it turns out we didn't so over she comes. Airyn and I pull together a quick gumbo, minus the wine as we were out. Chipmunk arrives, we have gumbo on the stove, and French music playing. She says something about not getting to dress up like we had planned. So I offer to play in my closet with her and see what we can come up with. She trying on an outfit, and shows off to Airyn, who follows us and suggests some specific clothes that he thinks might fit her, and look good. I find them, and Chipmunk and I close ourselves in the closet to change. Airyn is very appreciative of the outfits we have changed into (nothing overt everything is covered very little cleavage, but sexy). Airyn is leaning on our desk with his drink in his hand, and Chipmunk lays down in a very suggestive fashion across our bed. I join her, and then Airyn joins us. The evening progress till we are all really enjoying ourselves. Airyn makes the comment that he would do more then go down on her if she were interested in him. She says she wants it ALL, so out I go for protection. Last minutes condoms are uncomfortable for both parties. We find out that Chipmunk has never had an orgasm, and so the evening ends without sexual release for anyone involved, but everyone still seems happy and at least interested in each other.

Time passes, and she is now talking about a sleep over at our place. She is trying to talk her mother into allowing it, but this doesn't seem to be working out for her. She does come over for another visit in which there is no PIV as it was decided that that should wait, due to condoms being uncomfortable, and Airyn not being sure of his welcome. After this visit Chipmunk expresses regret about the lack of PIV, which gets Airyn and I talking about how she feels about him. As she still hasn't told us much about what she is feeling. I encourage him to chat her up online when ever he can to see how that goes. They had already been chatting, but I was suggesting more intimate communication then they had previously kept to.

At this point Wolf gets informed that we are indeed all three dating. More plans get canceled. We set up a get together at an out door arts event. Chipmunk is planning to meet up with J, and a few friends beforehand. While hanging out with J and friends thing aren't going the way Chipmunk wants, and she starts feeling ignored by J. I offer to pick her up so she can hang out at our place before going to the arts event later in the evening. It's an offer made half in jest that I did not expect her to actually chose. However, she eventually (as in hours later) sends me a text asking me to come get her that she's had enough of being ignored. So I go pick her up and Airyn starts cooking. We have a good few hours together, and then go out to the arts event, and send her home. The next morning we find out that her mother pinged the GPS on her phone at our home, and that she's not going to be able to visit with us any time soon. (This is about 2ish months of dating condensed down to the bare bones)

Some where in those months we talked about looking for a larger home together with space for her to live with us, and a lot of talking about her home life with her mom. What she wants, how long she is willing to live in that environment, and such and so forth. We eventually start suggesting that she move in now, and that we can get a bigger place later.

Once Chipmunk realizes that due to her home life dating us is over she decides to go for it, and we move her in while her family is all at work. This causes the mom to start sending messages to us, her, and many of her friends. Because the phone she had been using was on her mothers phone plan, and because her car was registered to her mom we told her to leave those behind so that they could not report these as stolen. We were still accused of theft; however Chipmunk knew exactly where the "missing" items were located. This caused even more strife between Airyn and I and Chipmunks family. As in we do not like or respect them right now.

Family issues aside: the relationship between Airyn and Chipmunk progresses, and the relationship between Chipmunk and myself stalls. None of us see this at the time though. We all think everything is going well between us. PIV is put off till birth control is out of the way, but there is still a lot of hot sexual action between the three of us. Chipmunk is still talking to J and unsure if she want to make that work or not. We have told her that that is up to her to decide, as we are not expecting her to be committed to just us.
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