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I have to say when I first read your post, my first thought was also that you're looking for a BFF, not another partner/lover.

That said I'm inclined to agree with what DrunkenPorcupine wrote:
I love some of my friends as I love my wife. There are some experiences I will share with my friends that I won't be able to share and relate to my wife. The friends I'm thinking of are relationships that aren't yet sexual to me. They might never be.

If you're interested in a non-sexual, yet extremely intimate relationship with someone, I see no reason you couldn't be part of a poly community.

I would say, however, that if you're joining to fill a "lack" rather than to expand, there might be an issue.

I doubt many here will shun you, but I suspect you may not find here what you "lack". Poly tends to be about exploring and learning about yourself and your lovers and finding what it is that you need. Relationships seldom work if you expect the other partner to bring everything to the table, or if you expect the other partner to.
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