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Originally Posted by BoringGuy View Post
I would be so bold as to venture that quite a few people also feel the same, deep down, and they either have been so indoctrinated that they don't realize it, or they do realize it and keep it to themselves for whatever reason(s).
Hmm... now that you mention it, I do think I'm one of the people who's fallen into the trap of "challenging yourself is always good." Gratuitously, I'm pretty stubborn and selfish... so if challenging myself is ever too hard, I don't do it. But perhaps I don't have to feel like a failure for quitting something that's just plain awful.

Originally Posted by nycindie View Post
I mean, there are a lot of foods and condiments I like now that I told myself I hated as a kid without even trying them.
Food illustrates this concept very well. There are a lot of foods I refused to try as a kid, because I was convinced I would hate them, flavour untasted. In my mid-twenties, I decided that was silly, that I should at least try something before I swear I don't like it. So I started trying pretty much everything I'd been scared to try. Some were delicious, some were horrific. But now when I say "I'm not a fan of mushrooms" it's because I know how they taste and feel in my mouth, and not just because they look disgusting. Meanwhile, turns out salmon burgers taste like... not much of anything, actually.

Incidentally, that's why I'm glad I went to grad school. Over the summer, I became convinced that I would hate it and almost didn't go. But I couldn't find anything better to do, and I was terrified to tell my supervisor at the last minute that I was backing out. So I figured, I'll give it a year. If I hate it come April, I'll drop out and find something to do. I'm so glad I did, because I love it. If I would have listened to my fears, I really would have missed out.
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