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On Abuse: Wearing Down

Ugh. So tired.

Other friends are asking about Abused Friend and what they ought to do. I said to go straight to the source and ask Abused Friend how she would like to be treated right now and how she would like them to be.

Because I'm not a mind reader.

I also do not have the energy. My own brain feels swimmy. Abused Friend was over here for a short visit -- homework (needed my printer) and then a quick board game to decompress after come venting. The counseling appointment was what it was.

She said she's all fuzzy/cloudy. I hope she doesn't get sucked back in. I am hoping that means coming to terms with the fact that this relationship really is over.

I hope that doesn't mean she's still emotionally and mentally captive.


I worry she may be.

Such a long and arduous process to endure. I hope she makes it.

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