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Originally Posted by GroundedSpirit View Post
Red - that's just awesome !
It's such a simple truth really and simple truths are generally the best.
Life is so complex for everyone these days and there seems to be such a ....push...out there in society for people to find & latch onto some "truth" and turn it into a cause or campaign. There's this whole concept circulating that we have to fulfill our "human potential" - some grand reason we're here - or we're a failure. People don't want to feel or be labeled "failures" !
And all to often, in this quest to fulfill our "human potential" - we can lose sight of our "humanity". I think this is what you're saying ?
So thank you - because it's a wonderful reminder to the world
Everyone is doing the best they know how and it's easy to become sidetracked. As I know I must have said before somewhere - passion is a double edged blade. We have to be wary of it and not cut off our humanity.

Sorry to take up so much space quoting your whole comment GS, but I think it rocks!
I am certainly one who has gotten sidetracked by reading too much into threads or making assumptions; this lead to a lot of negative energy for me.

I was some one who looked at different ways of approaching poly on here and in my extensive "real life" poly community for lack of a better word. I was judgemental and still at times have to fight back being confrontational. But I do, I recognized the futility of directing so much energy at trying to convince rather than accept.

Most of the observations I make come from my interaction with people locally, which is where the bulk of examples come from for me although they are obvious throughout these forum threads as well.

I think the real focus of this thread is about recognizing that there are differences, those differences are healthy and normal and should not divide people. They can inform people and perhaps increase the most important key to enjoying life and loving others…acceptance.

Peace and love

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