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Default Awesome !!!!!!!

Red - that's just awesome !
It's such a simple truth really and simple truths are generally the best.
Life is so complex for everyone these days and there seems to be such a ....push...out there in society for people to find & latch onto some "truth" and turn it into a cause or campaign. There's this whole concept circulating that we have to fulfill our "human potential" - some grand reason we're here - or we're a failure. People don't want to feel or be labeled "failures" !
And all to often, in this quest to fulfill our "human potential" - we can lose sight of our "humanity". I think this is what you're saying ?
So thank you - because it's a wonderful reminder to the world
Everyone is doing the best they know how and it's easy to become sidetracked. As I know I must have said before somewhere - passion is a double edged blade. We have to be wary of it and not cut off our humanity.

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