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One of our greatest pleasures is being alone -- together. Long moments of silence with interjections of "Ha! Got it! See?" and "Oh, yay! You got it!"

He sits there making WWII planes and I'm content to look when he goes "Look at this!" I know nothing about the hobby, could care less about gluing and painting bits of plastic. But he loves it. So I look and find something to admire. "Oh, you painted those eensy dials on there very well!" I am pleased for him because he worked hard to get it -- even though I have no desire of my own to be painting miniature bits!

Meanwhile I'll be there sewing something interesting for the child and he will look when I say "Look! I got this difficult seam down. HA!" He has no interest in sewing even though he's pleased that I'm having a good time on the challenge of inventing something from the kid's drawing of a concept. He's pleased child will get whatever kooky it is she asked me to make her. He has no desire to sew on his own -- but he admires the effort and is happy we are happy.

It's giving the right to support and nurture.

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