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Yes, it's amusing to watch people tweak out over his comfort in remaining in his comfort zone.
He and I have talked about it a lot, because we are polar opposites. But, it's never been a battle, just a chance to learn about each other as we do know we are different.
I naturally strive for perfection, he just wants to do what needs to be done in order to get it over with. This has shown very clearly in our work lives (back when I worked). It was HILARIOUS when his current employer asked him to move into management. He was very reserved about it, becuase he's never wanted to "be in charge". He did finally cave in ($$) but, he hates it. He loves the work, he loves the people he works with, but he hates the extra responsibility and expectation that goes with being management (ie designing schedules, firing, hiring, meetings). He's much happier doing the "tedious" work of the people he is now supervising.

Personally-I strive to learn and grow all of the time, that IS my comfort zone. But-it's not everyone's and that is ANOTHER area where people don't seem to notice themselves walking all over one another.

I find it nice to just chill out and relax with GG, doing the "same old same old" instead of working. So, I've made that a part of my everyday routine too. He has made an effort to take a small amount of time out of his every day to learn about what it is I'm working on (like statistics right now). He won't LEARN what I'm learning-he's not interested, but he will hear about what I'm doing and enjoy that. Likewise with poly-he's not poly and he's not interested in learning more about it really. But, he went with me to the poly workshop I did, because he enjoys me.
Neither of us has pushed the other to be like the other-but we've both found a small space in our days to experience each others experience in a small way. Very nice.

I say-find YOUR comfort zone and go for it. Mine is learning growing and pushing my boundaries, great for me.
If yours isn't-find yours and that will be great for you.
"Love As Thou Wilt"
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