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Originally Posted by ThunderZag View Post
he has always told me that he couldn't promise he would never "cheat", but that he would try to follow the rules we had agreed to as much as possible.
By saying this to you, Abe clearly told you he doesn't have the boundaries or maturity to honor agreements. The situation you are in now is a very reasonable and predictable result of his poor boundaries.

Originally Posted by ThunderZag View Post
So I guess long story short.... I'm willing to try to take this on, but at what point do I get to be "selfish" and be more worried about me and how I feel about something than be worried about if it will hurt K or ruin the chances of them being happy together? .
Any time you're ready. Are you ready yet?

Unless he puts a lot of work into changing himself, the man he is now is the man he will continue to be. You may want to consider taking a step back from all of this drama, and take another look at who you are and how you want to live. The very first line I quoted above says a lot. He is telling you he may or may not have what it takes to follow through with agreements. To me, this means any further agreements he makes with you have very little value. If you want to stay with him, this is the most important thing to resolve. He will have to do the work. The dramas will continue until he does the work or you leave the relationship.

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