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I wasn't ready for it to become more serious than just sex. I knew that they liked each other, though I believed it was as just close friends, not falling in love. I wasn't ready to have him move into her bedroom, and go on dates alone, and all that tends to come with NRE.
I also have serious reservations with her and Abe dating as she is also dating two other men and refuses to tell either of them about each other or Abe. I personally feel that if she won't tell the other two men she is seeing for the last year about each other, and now won't tell them about Abe, how am I supposed to trust her not to cheat on 'us'? And I say cheat because both of the other men believe they are in a closed mono relationship with her. Before she and Abe decided to start a dating relationship, and we were all just friends, I didn't let it bother me because it didn't affect me more than to make sure not to mention one to the other or vice versa.

I also admit that I have trust issues with other women Abe dates because all 4 previous women had made it clear that once Abe started dating them that he was to dump me. And since K still won't tell me anything about what she has done with Abe or how she feels about Abe, I'm not so sure that she cares about me enough to not do the same.

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