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I've been through similar feelings very recently.

I also always had an amazing relationship with my boyfriend, also has little to no experience with sex besides from him, we also talked a lot about experiencing stuff outside our ralationship but when the time came when I felt atracted to somebody else I was VERY afraid.

I didn't want to mess things up with my boyfriend. He's just awesome and I want to grow old togheter and all that. I was afraid that he was telling me it's ok just to I can be happy, but that he would secretly get hurt.
I was raised to think it was wrong to love more than one person at a time, so I was also afraid of what people would think of me/say to him.

In our case, turned out just fine. He was happy for me when it finally happened. And in our case, though I need to point out it's not a rule, it did improve the ralationship.
I feel poly is right for me, so I feel happier and more secure of myself now. The fact that he made this possible to me and still by my side supporting me and being happy for me, listening to my insecurities and about my dates, makes me love him even more.

So i'd say go for it, If you want it and he's positive about it.
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