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Question How am I to be a single guy looking for a poly couple

I am single and only want to be in a poly relationship with a couple.I'm a very discreet guy who enjoys making new friends and, if desired, participating with those who want to explore different scenarios in The Lifestyle environment. As a single guy, I'm grateful and flattered whenever invited to participate with others. I know my place and will always respect your desires and act accordingly. I will never be a threat to a couple's relationship.
I am very open to establishing an ongoing "friends with benefits" relationship or simply be an occasional“Let’s call him for a quickie” type of guy.Although I tend to be very sensual in the bedroom, including spending a lot of time massaging, caressing, kissing, oral, etc.,
I can be equally accommodating for those who simply want a “hard core sex and leave” session. Whatever works for you, works for me.
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