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Originally Posted by SummerRain View Post
So, what for the first time in 8 years I did just that and much to my surprise and happiness she said yes.

Originally Posted by SummerRain View Post
Her email comes back as "I don't condone poly relationships".
I see these two statements together as Sally saying no, because it's not a clear yes. In any relationship, clear communication is vital. I takes work to maintain open communication as a relationship matures, even if it's really open and honest at the beginning.

These two statements say to me Sally is not entirely sure what she wants right now ( at the beginning of this relationship if one develops from here ) I would ask her to clear this up and decide what she wants before taking this any further. You will want her to know who she is and what she wants - especially when the NRE wears off and the real work of maintaining open and honest communication begins.

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