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Smile Hey Everyone

Hello everyone.
I've been lurking around for a couple of weeks, and decided to finally register. This really seems to be a very suportative and positive comunity from what I've seen on my lurking. I look foward to be a part of it!
I'll apologize in advance for any English mistakes, since it's not my first language. Sadly I failed to find both information and foruns about poly on my first language.

Ok, I always struggle introducing myself. Let's see, I'm a woman in my 20's.
The boyfriend and I (I call him Peaches. I tend to give people food nicknames. Friends and Family included. ) are togheter for eight years now, two years living in the same house. I can't really remember for how long we've been "theoretical poly", it's been a fews years, tough.
Recently I've taken this out of theories and actually started a relationship with a very good friend (I call him CC).

And it's been just great.

Never in my life anything seemed so right. Aside from a few bumps (which I believe to be completly normal, not only in poly but in any new relationship) and a few wants and insecurities (also common in any new relationship), I'm as happy as I remember being. Peaches is very happy and excited for me, too. If anything, this renewed my interest in him, like I'm falling in love with him all over again while falling for someone else.
As for CC, it's been only a few months, and there's a major complication: He's not wired mono, as he said to me himself, but he does struggle with possessive feelings when things get more serious than casual sex. We're slowly working on it, though. I believe we can make it work.

And that's it. Sorry if it's too long, and I hope I can learn a lot from you and maybe even share some wisdom of my own in the furture.
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