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Originally Posted by LovingRadiance View Post
Drives other people nuts-but he's happy.
I find it amusing that it "drives other people nuts". Competitive, ambitious people really do seem to feel threatened or uncomfortable when others are just fine with the way things are. It's as though they're being told by example that they're "doin' it wrong".

I was on a bus with someone during a conference I attended several years ago. We were talking about our jobs (I work in academia, the other person was in law enforcement), and I said that I like my job because it's predictable and although unexpected things come up (such as a piece of lab equipment malfunctioning), I enjoy the fact that the schedule is determined years in advance and that for the most part I know exactly what I'll be dealing with from week to week. The other person said that they like their job for the exact opposite reason - they DON'T know what they will find on their plate each day when they go to work. This circumstance of unpredictability IS the comfort zone for such individuals.

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