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Originally Posted by BexyandBen View Post
the Law outlines all the "rules" for having polygynous relationships. None of those were changed in the New Testament--in fact, the only admonitions against it are specifically given to church leaders, just as the Law specifically mandated that Levites not practice it.
I realize this is an old post but wanted to add:

1) In NT not to "Church leaders" but only to the elders of two Churches - Timothy and Titus. Some speculate it was because these were more Gentile Church's not use to the Hebrew way of many wives and concubines. Although this practice had somewhat died out by NT times, probably more a financial issue - wives are expensive - not any religious or moral issue.

2) Of course Christians are not under "the Law" In the sermon on the mount Jesus clearly changed some OT laws (after saying he came not to change but fulfill) he did change them to only the law of love.
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