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My 2 partners and I are out. A bit of a background story though....I'm currently 29 and I spent 14 years identifying as a lesbian. And then I met my "Babygirl". She was (and still is) married to a wonderful man who I ended up falling deeply in love with also. So my male partner only had to come out as poly whereas my Babygirl came out as pansexual and I came out as "not as gay as I thought" (I still don't have a label for my sexual orientation). Because of mine and "Babygirl's" profession, we began our relationship very much in the closet. But as time went on, I was tired of being seen as a dirty little secret. These are my partners and yes, I want to join in on marriage and be able to call them my husband and my wife. With these thoughts, being in the closet just wasn't an option anymore. I do worry about my career but it will not get in the way of my happiness!
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