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Wow, what a story greenearthal. That "me" or "I" person has come far.

My first poly experience there was only meeting women he wanted to score with, 'cause that's the kind of shallow creep he was.

My second poly experience, the woman he hooked up with was already a friend and I was overjoyed for them. When I met his boyfriend, I felt creeped out and needed time to trust him. I eventually became friends with him and realized my first impressions were wrong.

I recently met my lover 'D's girlfriend. Their relationship is difficult and it made for an interesting time. Long story short, they have trouble connecting, especially in bed. Both 'D' and I are very sexual, so it was weird for me to watch her primary not all that into sex with her.

I actually felt anger towards her girlfriend because 'D' seemed unhappy sometimes. But, they always end up in a good place, which makes me happy.

I would still like to figure out why I feel anger. I think it's a simple matter of the trouble I have in general with people who are closed off and unenthusiastic. I'm such an enthusiastic person for the most part and it drives me insane to be around "bah, whatever" people.

Bah, whatever works for them.
My heart is too big to fit into one person.

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