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I'm sorry that you're hurting. *hugs*

Originally Posted by jackieseuce View Post
what if he can read this thread and realize that he's been neglecting my need to feel considered and consulted? what if he can see that its ok to have obligations to the ones you love?
Originally Posted by jackieseuce View Post
he said he doesn't want to be in a relationship where anyone needs anyone at any point, and like, has to be by their side when their upset, and like, doesn't want to feel obligated to anyone, and basically wants to be able to come and go as he pleases
He may realize he's been neglecting you. He may already know it's okay to have obligations to the ones you love. And he might not give a hoot about either one.

From the tone of your post and reference to "math homework," I gather that you're both quite young. It's possible that at this point in his life, he's feeling tied down by having obligations. I dated the same guy for 18 months while I was 16, and when that was over, I wanted to be free of commitment. When I was young (late teens, early 20's), I would run from anyone who tried to pin me down. At that time, the easiest way to end a relationship with me was to say "I love you." Yep, I broke a few hearts...

He's communicated to you that he does not want commitment or obligation. You deserve to have your needs met, but so does he. You need support & obligation. He needs freedom from obligation. Do those seem compatible?
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