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Originally Posted by nondy2 View Post
Ok, I'm going to get off because I am getting attacked.
You were not being attacked. People were just disagreeing with you. No one was calling you names or attacking your personal character. No one said you were stupid. I was very careful to not even imply that you were immature, despite the fact that your claim to the contrary flies in the face of my personal experience.

I'm sorry if you are not comfortable with my style of discussion, however you presented yourself as a mature adult so I figured you'd be able to handle it.

Originally Posted by nondy2 View Post
No one has died from herpes, ever that I know.
Herpes can be extremely dangerous. A woman with an outbreak can pass it to her baby if she has a vaginal birth. The infant can then contract the virus inside the throat, which is often fatal. My niece was literally the first child in Canada to be born that way and actually survive infancy. They used an experimental treatment that was so risky, they only tried it because they were 100% certain she would die otherwise. She had a tracheotomy tube for the first 5 years of her life and is still in and out of hospitals, 10 years later. She'll be on anti-virals for the rest of her life, just to keep her alive. She's got a compromised immune system to the point where even the flu can be life-threatening. This is all from herpes, not HIV.

The vaccines are JUST being developed.
I wasn't talking about vaccines. I was talking about the various inhibitors that prevent the HIV virus from becoming full-blown AIDS. You can have HIV your entire life and not be "sick," though still infectious of course.

Incidentally, there is also a case study of a man who was actually cured of his HIV (link). They were able make his body produce antibodies for HIV. 3 years later, he still tests negative for any trace of HIV.

Originally Posted by nondy2 View Post
I was responding directly to someone's post who seemed to say that being HIV is no big deal. I know that it is.
I didn't go so far as to say that HIV is no big deal, but I do apologize for minimizing its severity.

What I meant was that there are effective treatments that prevent HIV from becoming AIDS. From what I've heard, people can live normal lives if they take the right medications and stay monitored.

Unless the drugs have changed (maybe they have?) they do literally change the physical appearance of the body (on of my friends gets facial injections every six months to hide the creases in his face and many of his friends do as well (he's in the beauty business so he speaks openly about it).
My brief research findings are that the newer HIV medications are much less harmful than they have been in the past. Even the weight redistribution you mentioned has been eliminated in the newer medications.

I'm not trying to minimize your experience. Yes, people still die from AIDS. Yes, HIV is a very serious illness.

Incidentally, there are different strains of HIV. It's not enough to say "pos/neg" because two positive people could have different strains, one could be more aggressive than the other. Having one strain won't make you immune to a more aggressive strain. Someone who thinks they're safe if they already have HIV is playing with fire.

I disagree that not knowing "pos/neg" is a "hetero" thing because not only am I not hetero, but I'm also active in the local queer community. Is it possible that's more of a "gay man" thing? Because I'm not in the local "gay man" community, so I wouldn't know...

I DO NOT KNOW if sperm carries over.
Sperm cannot carry HIV. I'm astonished that you can present yourself as an expert on the illness, coming across like you know everything there is to know about it, and then not know some basic facts about transmission and treatment.
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