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I don't want to fight. I am wondering what makes you believe you have more experiences in the queer world than I do...OK I guess if you are a bi female - you definitely do - but that doesn't mean I have less experience being close to gay men. I would say that only experience I don't have is the actual sex act.

I don't see how our experiences are similar. Are you disabled? Do you know anything about that prejudice first hand? Have you studied disability studies? Are you friends with people with severe mental and physical disabilities? I am not sure how we have had silimuliar experiences.

The issues are getting muddled. YES, I admit I have unfair unrealistic qualifications for maturity. It is my believe that maturity arises from either intense relationships or intense spiritual journeys. Yes, I do believe that when a person lives alone, they are able to maintain a lifestyle based on "play." But that is an opinion, not a fact.

Yes. I am prejudiced against orgies because of what I have been through with my friend; the discussions of him telling me he had sport sex 24 hours. Yes. that is my issue and my fucked up prejudice.

I however do NOT think I am wrong in questioning when people do not take HIV absolutely serious and say there are "worse STDS" I am not familiar with anything worse.. maybe you can enlighten me. I'm sorry to bfe aggressive. I will say I'm a goof when I judge maturity and sex parities. But not taking HIV utterly estrous, no I won't back down and why would you want someone to?

Do you believe HIV is not worse than other STDs? Do you believe people should not take it absolutely seriously - that it a just a manageable disease ? What about when people (like my living friend ) can no longer afford the 100$ medicines? I don't know why this is something I would get attacked for.
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