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I'm sorry if you feel you were attacked. What I was trying to get across to you is that your experiences are yours. Not everyone's. They aren't any more valid then mine or anyone else's. If you limit your view of the world to only what you have experienced you are going to find people disagree.

I'm not going to get into a pissing match over who has more experience with AIDS and death. There's no point. I know what I have experienced and lived through. I don't know what you have or others have. So I give validity to their experiences and understand that my reaction isn't the only one.

All I meant to get you to understand that your view is just yours. Period. Not everyone has to share it and if they don't it is NOT because they are lacking in experience. It is NOT that you know more, are more mature, or have lived through more. It's not a badge of honor that you have lived through bad things. It doesn't make you better, or your opinion have more weight then others. If someone disagrees with you it's not because they are wrong and just don't know as much as you. And it doesnt' mean that YOU are wrong. It means they have different experiences and have gotten different things from them.

Part of being open minded is knowing that and accepting it without thinking someone has to be right and someone has to be wrong. Just, different.

Sorry, I think I got upset because I likened it to the person who claims they CAN"T be racist because they know black people. Which really has nothing to do with it.
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