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Ok, I'm going to get off because I am getting attacked.

I was responding directly to someone's post who seemed to say that being HIV is no big deal. I know that it is. No, my experience in NOT limited. I have at least four close friends who at pos - two of which are leading HIV workers- once was a top person at GMHC, and now has a fellowship with Harvard. I'm experience in this area is NOT limited. I may get some FACTS wrong but I'm not totally off base. I do not know of other medications, other than cancer and MS and such that completely ravage the body. Being HIV positive changes your entire existence. It is something you have to disclose in every sexual situation. It affects who will be your partner (some neg people won't date pos people). It affects whether you have children. I DO NOT KNOW if sperm carries over. A Pos woman can have a NEG child, but HIV is passed through breast milk, so the mother either has to be on rigid meds before birth for this one thing or not breast feed.

Ok , think I'm stupid, whatever. But when someone says having HIV is complible to herpes, I'm going to speak up. HIV is still a life-threatening illness that is managed by a life of rigid drugs. Unless the drugs have changed (maybe they have?) they do literally change the physical appearance of the body (on of my friends gets facial injections every six months to hide the creases in his face and many of his friends do as well (he's in the beauty business so he speaks openly about it).
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