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I agree, tho I express it different:

Am I willing/not willing to do it? (whatever it is.)

If I'm not willing, I'm just not gonna. Nope. Zilch. Nada.

I might still be willing to do something I am not entirely comfortable with. Today I put on a pair of skates after not skating in nearly a decade because the kid was at a roller rink bday party. I didn't have to skate. I could have been a parent chaperone and just waved at kids going around. But I was willing to pay the price and there I went... and yup! At one point I fell right on my behind when I tripped! Falling down skating is a reasonable risk/price to pay and I didn't much mind. Had a nice time being silly with the kids and I suppose if I want to I could take up skating and regain lost skills.

In regards to relationships? No. I am not going to do something I hate for my partner. I am not going to do something I am unwilling to do. If it means a break up? So be it. I'm not afraid of a break up and I'm not afraid to be on my own. *shrug*


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