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Originally Posted by nondy2 View Post
Thank you guys. I do understand. I do need the be direct about one thing:

I don't know if this is common knowledge, but the HIV medication literary changes a person's body structure. I can tell from a few week away whether some one is positive and has been on meds for a while. The meds create fatty wasting in your cheeks and waist. As a consequecence, many men with HIV routinely get plastic surgery injections. No people don't die that often of AIDS anymore (although my friend did!) but HIV medication is not like taking an aspirin or anti-depressants. They cause drastic bodily issues.

Actually, MOST medications change your body. I'm on medications that do and they have NOTHING to do with AIDS. As a matter of fact, one is an antidepressant.

I do think the pos/neg thing is something hetrosexualsdon't know about. When you say "your status" or pos/neg in the gay world, it does mean HIV. There was even a magazine called POZ.

I'm sorry to get on a soap box, but your comment made me very nervous. OK, I know nothing about sex parties, and who is/isn't mature is a matter of opinion. But, this is something I do know about and have experienced (very) first hand.
I think your experience is limited. You saw a friend die of AIDS. So you have first hand experience. Honestly, a lot of people do. I'm betting you would find quite a few people around here that not only have first hand experience in multiple cases (As I do), but also have more experience in the queer community. (As I do)

I think you generalize things WAY too much. I've been following both your threads and while I get that you have some experiences in your life, good and bad. Had to grow up fast, and lived through quite a few traumatic experiences. Again, you are not the only one. How you learn from them and grow is telling of you as a person. My mother, for example, has been through much of what I have and yet still has the mentality of a teenager. It might help you to realize that your experiences are not the only ones. That the conclusions you draw from your experiences are not the only ones.

I have probably had much of the same experiences, judging by your comments, and I have not drawn nearly the same conclusions you have regarding sex, AIDS, or maturity. You are going to get differing opinions on here because everyone has different experiences and learns different things from them. It's not wrong, just different. One of the first things to learn here is that your experiences are not THE experiences, your conclusions are not THE conclusions and your way is not THE way. It's just a way.
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