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Originally Posted by Marcus View Post
There is no guarantee that the people we enter into relationships with will remain as they are for any amount of time. We change as we are exposed to new stimuli and hopefully our views of the world become more reasonable and happiness-enriching as we go. There is *always* the chance that someone will decide, several years into a relationship, "holy crap, I don't think this is what I want anymore".
I fully agree, but I didn't interpret this situation as him changing part way into the relationship...

Originally Posted by begonias View Post
When we first started dating he made it clear that he wasn't into promiscuous sex.
Why specify promiscuity if you're not already interested in some kind of non-monogamous sex? It would be a moot point. Thus, it sounds like he's always wanted the option of other women, but he assured her that it wouldn't be promiscuous.

Originally Posted by begonias View Post
He brings up that its not natural to stay with one person for life
This doesn't sound like something you just come up with one day. If you're saying what's natural and not natural, it sounds (to me) more like a lifelong philosophy.
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