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Thanks. So I guess my question would be - do I need to allow my husband to go to sex parties and how do I deal with someone in our lives who has this as an important activity?

I thought your other post to me was brutal and I reacted strongly. I am sorry. I am curious where the ethical line is - in poly it seems anything goes if you don't LIE and I'm not sure I agree with that.

As far as my married friend - what would people this IS ethical? A friendship, just hand holding, no relationship at all? You said you admired the woman who was 23 and went away. But a 23 yr would not have marriage problems and not to have or give empathy. Is it entirely wrong in your eyes if we are just friends?

Also, you post seems to take all the agency out of a partner who is cheated on... I don't know about my friend, people lie! BitI my husband could not cheat on my because I am involved closely with him and constantly asking and communicating. Don't both parities have a responsibility? Perhaps my admirer IS happily married and just wants pussy. But what if he's right and she's distant and not attended - perhaps having an affair herself. Surely, this does not excuse his lying, but I believe affairs are more complex than a little ole unsuspecting wife getting injured.
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