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Default Married guy

[QOk this is harsh. And has made me think. Thank you.

As far as ethics- Is lying the only unethical thing? I'm just curious. People can go to orgies, do meth, have random sex with hundreds of strangers- and that is ethical and moral if no no one lies? Am I being unethical if we are just friends? What should the boundaries be? No sex? No communication? Should I insist he tell his wife we are friends?

I am also guessing your 23 yr old was not in a ten year complex marriage. Right? My issue is that I am not entirely happy either -and need someone to relate how does that fit into things?

As far as ethics, why is lying the only litmus test. I can't have aq drink with some I CARE about because it's lying. But people can go to orgies every week because they are Honest?? Hmmm
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