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Hey, Brave,

Just wanted you to know I'm out here, and you can reach out any time. Here, email, whatever.

I think I'm so moved by what you're doing because my own husband wasn't able to do this for/with me. It doesn't make him a bad person, but it made me really really sad that I was heading full-heart into a way of living and loving that he simply couldn't accept. Still tears me up, even after three years of separation.

I couldn't convince him that my love for my partner wasn't going to take away any of the love I had for him. He saw love as finite; I didn't. You don't, and even though this first time, and others, may be hard, you already know what's true for you and your wife: you love her even more for all the love she has to give the world. And you know what? She loves you right back for just the same.

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