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Oh, Annabel, I just read your post about your car accident - so glad you and Bee were safe and unhurt! It is unnerving to read that, as my sister just got into an accident the other day, too. Some drunk young kid ran a red light and ploughed into her car (broadsided, I guess is the term?), just missing her driver's side door, but hard enough to spin her around so she was facing traffic and shove her car up onto the curb. Thank goodness it was late and hardly any other cars were on the road, and none were parked right there, or she would have been toast. The guy who hit her took off -- but his bumper had come off, complete with license plate! Then he came back on foot, so he obviously ditched the car for some bad reason! Anyway, she's fine, not hurt at all, but it could have been so much worse - I was shaken for a few days just thinking about it. So, again, glad you were not hurt and hope you don't have much problems with your insurance.
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