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Just saw her off. She said she'll be home sometime before noon tomorrow, which made me involuntarily swallow hard.

The kids made it difficult for me to properly or convincingly assure her I'll be fine in her absence tonight, so I just texted her "Worry not about me. Love her."

She responded, "Make me cry ..."

I'm heading into the evening properly exhausted by 90 minutes of pool running and stationary biking (I'm a self-rehabbing runner) followed by two hours of raking leaves. With any luck, I'll pass out soon after the kids are bathed and put to bed. I'm counting on that actually.

Thank you, playswellwithothers, for "tucking me in" with your kind words. I sincerely appreciate you and all the others on this board who have chimed in with advice and support. As my wife and I have said to each other a couple times, "if anyone can make this work, it is us." Tonight I want to include all of you in the royal "us."

Thank you thank you thank you.
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