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Thanks for the lengthy response and for sharing some of your story with me. PLove and I have a great marriage, also, and while I do not have anyone else but her as a partner we also have a healthy, ongoing conversation about all of it and how we both retain the option of opening up the marriage again. On certain occasions we may play with other people but its always together and everyone involved understands that its sex, not the start of a romance. I am very happy in this space, but its nice to talk to other people who are wired for polyamory but have chosen, for whatever reason, to practice monoamory, if not sexual monogamy.


I appreciate what you are saying and appreciate your response. For me, the decision is a sacrifice but its an honorable one that I am happy to make because I know PLove's heart and what my emotional connection to other women was doing to her. Healthy is, IMHO, often a matter of perspective. It wasn't healthy for PLove to be in a situation where she was feeling abandoned and, at the time, I was not skilled enough to make it work. Maybe in the future that will change and maybe not, but I'm solid with things as they are right now.
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