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Originally Posted by GalaGirl View Post
That's what I got out of it. If it were me and DH and his Spice...

I mean, why would DH bother telling Spice about agreements we have except when they bump on a limit? Then all DH has to do is say "Sorry, I cannot do that. I have agreements to meet with my other partner."

To go on to tell the Spice stuff that is between me and DH? And then only PARTIAL stuff at that -- what's the point in telling half truths? What kind of business is that?

Then to come home and tell me that he told his Spice half truths -- I have to sit here and wonder what ELSE you are telling or not telling? To me or to her? What kind of reaction are you trying to get out of me?

So odd.

Like sloppy hinge person or something?

Yeah. I made quite a few assumptions when i responded initially that turned out to be based on my own misunderstanding of the OP. at first it seemed like she was being the "harpy wife" but instead it seems like he's being, what was it? The "rusty hinge"?
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