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Hard to find, certainly. I would welcome you to the forum but I am not on here enough to be of any real standing, so I will simply say "Hello! Good morning!" to you.

PLove and I were seeking a couple last year. We had some great experiences but never could make the couple thing work. Too many variables. Couples were cool with having sex, but not doing something that seemed like building towards a real connection (ie: dating, hanging out, dinner, etc.) I'm judgmental for saying this, I know, but it seemed like a lot of couples had relationships filled with fear and insecurity, and a number of past issues that had not been resolved that were creeping up and causing resentment and power struggles. I mean, everyone has that, right? Me and PLove are no exception. Maybe that is just human nature? Trying to get everyone to be Ok with everyone else's agreements and needs was also challenging. We're an interracial couple and met a number of Black couples who wanted to connect but not other interracial couples, which as also a let down. I like older White women, PLove likes Black guys, go figure.

But, not to say its impossible (obviously). I have a really good friend (former lover for me and PLove) who was in a very longterm quad with her hubby, boyfriend, and boyfriend's wife. I think its beautiful and awesome and wish you the best!
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