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We do not want to give up on our marraige since we do get along so well and have a really good time together. I am having a hard time adjusting to Polyamory and have come here for some support and to try and understand this lifestyle. I would love to make new freinds, and may have some things to offer as well.

Welcome to the site. Polyamory is not "the party lifestyle" in every case. You might actually be looking for a swingers club. That's down the hall and to the left. Polyamory is being open to loving relationships, not just sex, with more than one person. It actually, in my opinion, the basis of a less Dysfunctional societal model. I hope to elaborate on that further, but I want to be sure I am in the right place, and not just a pseudo swingers site before I do.

I know that most guys are impressed with a guy who can get two women to go to bed, but try thinking of him as the breadwinner and support structure for both of those women as well; unless of course, one of the women is a rich widow.

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