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I was thinking about your post this morning.

During the 7 or so years I spent being happily solo, I was not open to romantic relationships. I wasn't interested and most of the time if I was with friends who are in relationships, I couldn't understand why they were willing to put up with the restrictions that those relationships placed upon their lives.

Anyway there during those years the only time I ever had a yearning for a close, committed, romantic relationship was with a couple I am friends with. Watching them together makes me smile they are so relaxed and loving with each other. Sometimes I'd have dinner with them and go home wishing that I could go out with each of them. I have a very different relationship with each of those people and am much closer to one than the other but both of them are attractive to me but more than that their dynamic is attractive.

Over the course of the years, they were the only time I felt tempted to possibly look for something other than the lifestyle I was enjoying so much. Sadly, it had to remain a fantasy my friends are not attracted to women and so I enjoyed and continue to enjoy them from afar.
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