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Default Rejection

Originally Posted by SummerRain View Post
So there it is. My first never to happen polydate after eight years. Certainly not one for the memory books.
Rejection sucks, there's just no two ways about it. I find that managing expectations is a good way to minimize emotional damage if things don't pan out. Like, try to keep my self talk to more realistic terms instead of allowing myself to build the potential relationship up as something magical. In any case, not getting what I want will always be a bummer - new lovers are no exception.

As far as her being a hypocrite, I don't see it. She's a hypocrite because her lifestyle would probably get her burned at the stake at a Tea Party just like yours would? That doesn't require that she dig on your lifestyle and there is nothing hypocritical about her not condoning your views.

Granted, it's strange and surprising for her to change her mind like that, but you don't get to decide what she likes and doesn't like. You only get to determine those things for yourself.
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