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And another thing on my mind:

There are some reality shows on German TV that show polyamorous couples as of late. Not regularly but I have seen a vee constellation twice by now. Really unhealthy stuff in one case and nothing too positive in the other, they don't give a good impression or something like that, but they are there. While watching this unhappy woman fighting for the divorce of her partner and his still-wife who both lived with her at that point in time, I thought about when the last time has been I have asked Sward and Lin if they are happy with the way things are.

So I did; Lin was watching the show with me. “Have you ever thought about having me all to yourself lately?” Short pause - “No, not that I remember.” “Does Sward's presence upset you in any way or can you think of him as positive?” “No, I don't think of him as negative. I like doing things with him, like shopping, discussing the latest game news, gossiping about our neighbors (grins), making dinner and watching him eating every last bit on the plate. I have to take care of our Daddy Bear, he is working way too much right now.”

I did the same later when Sward and I were lying in bed and talking. “Is there any negativity you combine with Lin's presence? Have you ever thought about how nice it would be to have me all to yourself again?” “I don't think about things like that. Lin is here. And it's positive that he is. (smiles) He does all the housekeeping! (short pause) But sometimes I would like some more time with you alone in the house. He is always there when I am. Except for the time he sleeps in every day when we are already awake. But that's a minor point. Everything is good.”

Still things to discover, as it seems. I haven't thought about Sward's last point. Checking in is necessary from time to time. But I am glad that We are doing good
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