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Default Take Responsibility

Originally Posted by begonias View Post
Well we have plenty of sex. I thought i was enough for him. Now i don't know.
There is not necessarily a correlation between the desire for polyamory and something missing in the relationship. The people I am involved with have fully functional, wonderful relationships. They are not open to fill some kind of deficit.

Originally Posted by begonias View Post
I wonder if somebody really loved me why would they want me to do something that i am in no way ok with?
I agree, if you love someone you should not want to be party to their living a life they do not want to live. This applies to you as well, why would you want him to live in monogamy if he has made it plain that he has absolutely no interest in living that way.

However, he is not your responsibility, as you are not his. You need to take care of your business. You need to decide what is best for you and then be an adult and do what it takes to achieve it. It is not your boyfriends responsibility to do this for you.
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