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Hey there. I have been lurking on the board for a while, and your post touched me because it's similar to what I go through.

I have this same need to be touched, and many of the things you describe in your post ring true for me too, to one degree or another. I have found out, through much soul-searching and psychotherapy that what I want is not specifically touch, it's a feeling of acceptance. I have always had bad self-image and esteem, and the only way my brain can accept that I am attractive or socially accepted is if people touch me, or allow me to touch them. I have not taken the love languages test, but I already know where I would score on it. High on touch, and low on everything else.

Have you thought of your issue from the angle that touch might only be the pathway to a deeper need? That's what it is for me.

Anyway, just my .02
-Mr. Candle
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