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Originally Posted by newguy View Post
Also, like you, I'm a very curious person as well as an open book...and she know this so it won't be a shocker that I asked...probably will shock her that I don't give her any suggestions on the least until she asks
Yeah, I should have mentioned that my learned restraint doesn't apply to my husband. If I'm curious about something he does, I ask him about it. He's the same way, so he doesn't mind. I'm sure if your general curiosity bothered her that much, she wouldn't have married you

My gf, on the other hand, has a transsexual husband. She's sick and tired of people asking questions about their sex life, like it's some kind of freak show that exists solely for the entertainment of others. So even though I've always been morbidly curious about what they do in the bedroom, I've forced myself not to even hint at asking. I've also jabbed my husband in the ribs for asking too much, knowing how she feels about those questions. It's a fine line. I suspect she would answer any questions I had, probably wouldn't even be bothered because we have a good relationship and communicate well... but I just wouldn't feel right about asking them.
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