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The poly group that we hang out with is very accepting. At any given meeting we will have teenagers to folks in their 70's. A wide variety of sexualities, socioeconomic differences and political differences...

Like Seventhcrow said, I look for similar values, morals and ethics when looking for people to be in my life. Not one person will fill everything, but that doesn't matter, that is where strength of character and attraction come in. Look at Mono and I, VERY different in many ways, but there is something about his character and acceptance of others that endears me too him.

Personally I identify as pansexual and of course would welcome trans people into my relationship with my husband if that were within the realm of possibility... it isn't as I am in a polyfi relationship that is not open, but just saying.

Of all the cultures and sub cultures I have identified with Poly has been by far the most accepting and welcoming. We have a common thread, I think, and that is to love MORE and feel free within that love... that brings all kinds of people together. I get very excited by that!
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