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Treat it like a business meeting.

You seem to have set the appointment date.

Send the agenda for points needing covering. Over email maybe? Then he has time to prepare and not be blindsided. Does he have agenda things to bring up? Are they best served at THIS meeting or does he need to be given an opportunity for a separate but equal meeting? Then he is also having opportunity for his own air time for his own things.

Then navigate it rationally. This is not a conflict, but a negotiation.

If someone emotionally floods, adjourn and plan to continue business meeting later, and TLC the flooded person.

You already know you are not up for his GF spending night as a trade. Expect he will bring that up. What would have to happen for that to BECOME a "tradeable" for you? Think those sorts of things out.

Think also where else it could go. What is the goal here? BF to visit you in your city? Or BF to visit you in your city AND stay in your house while visiting?

That's 2 different things.

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